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Pourghazian crackle paint on wood
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Metallic Pourghazian crackle paint
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Pourghazian crackle paint on plastic
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall and wood

Pourghazian crackpaint

Technical information

   As you know, for applying the crack paint on the components, depending on their kinds, different layers of the paint are needed, for example, plastic surfaces including ABS, polystyrenes and Himepacks need at least only one layer of crack paint and for non-plastic surfaces, at least two layers of the paint are needed (one shiny lining layer and one crack paint layer). Depending on the kind of the primer applied and the existence of the final top varnish, the finished price of the colorful film applied on the unit square meter will be different. This price varies from 10$us to 20$us.

Durability of the paint inside the box and what must be done if it dries

   The crack paint can be maintained inside the box for at least 2 and at most 5 years if its cap is not removed, but if its paint dried unintentionally, first the dried paint must be completely ground and it must be gradually solved in thinner. Then it can be used again. But before using, it must be filtered by a mesh and must be sure from its grain.

Durability of the paint on the painted components

   This paint, if applied with a suitable primer and polyurethane varnish, can show resistance on the external surfaces at least for 2 and at most for 5 years depending on the conditions, although the resistance of this paint on the surfaces on which protecting varnish is used is directly the resistance of the applied varnish and the adherence of the set of colorful films applied on the component is that of the primer applied.

The cover of Pourghazian crack paint

   The cover or covering of the crack paint is different depending on the power, the quality of the thinner used, the type of the selected primer, the way of applying the paint (appliances of application: dipping, applying by the brush or the roller, using palette knives, and types of painting pumps), the structure of paint being used and its colors. Considering different conditions, this varies between 3 to 12 square meters for Pourghazian normal crack paint and between 1 to 7 square meters for metallic crack paint.

Considerable notes

   Crack paint is a pasty product with a high viscosity that can't be maintained with an open cap due to high solvent vapor. For this reason, the crack paint is very flammable and must be kept with a closed cap in the temperatures lower than 25 ° C and far from direct sun.

   In the case of accidents, foams stable in alcohol, carbon dioxide or dry fire fighting powders must be used.

   When using this paint, it is recommended that the environment is ventilated well to obtain a fresh air. If a person faced with problems due to breathing the vapors released during application, in addition to being cool, he/she must be exposed to the free air. In the case of disorders in the respiration rhythms, mouth to mouth respirations must be used and after recovery, he/she must be cared.

    When using this paint, use gloves (nitril or popular working gloves). When using this paint, it is better to use the dresses from natural fibers or having high thermal resistance.

    If the empty containers of crack paint have still paint, they must be kept far from fire and must never throw out with a closed cap, because with collection of vapors, the paint of the box becomes highly explosive.

   After any using, close the cap of the box containing the paint and keep it in the temperatures lower than 25°C in a dry environment where it is far from the spark producing resources and the oxidizing factors and the containers containing strong acid and bases and the direct sun.

   Prevent from the entrance of thinners containing the paint to the drainage wells or water resources.

   Notice that the crack paint must be kept far from the heat, flame and spark producing resources. If the thinned paint sprays to one's eyes, wash them by spraying water at least for 15 minutes and then, keep the eyes completely open.

If the diluted paint is swallowed, be cool and refer to a physician.