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Pourghazian crackle paint on wood
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Metallic Pourghazian crackle paint
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Pourghazian crackle paint on plastic
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall and wood

In this section, we shake the hands of all of those interesting in the crack paint and wishing more interaction and cooperation, we want God the complete development of the plan.

   But with this intention and despite many suggestions, we have introduced two structures of this paint to the consumption market (Pourghazian crack paint and Pourghazian metallic crack paint). In the framework of the program of producing various structures of the crack paint, we have progressed from the stage of experimental production to the semi-industrial production, because despite it is novel, developing an innovative plan depends on a more important factor in its success that is public interest and trusting the product and we thank God and all of those have helped us to achieve this aim. We hope that we quickly present another novel product to the market that is completely special called Pourghazian Nail Crack Paint.

   In addition, experimental stages of other achievements in this context are also finished, by which all paint related industries can be affected.

    We always wait for your ideas and suggestions to promote the products more and more.

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