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Pourghazian crackle paint on wood
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall
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Metallic Pourghazian crackle paint
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Pourghazian crackle paint on plastic
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Pourghazian crackle paint on wall and wood

The manner of application and blending Pourghazian crack paint

  • After opening the cap and before anything, you must blend the paint well inside the box. This means that you should blend the paint with a long knife inside the box.
  • Now, depending on the size of the work surface to be painted, transfer some paint inside a container free from dirt and add the volume equivalence of that amount of paint to that suitable thinner (10000 to 20000, specific to instant paint) and blend so much that to be again smooth. Then, make it smooth with a proper filter inside another container.
  • In this stage, blending thinned paint from the available colors, provide the crack paint of your color.
  • Now, depending on the kind of the component, select the color structure for lining and before applying on the component, test it one time on another component and after it was valid, apply it on the final component.
  • Now, the primer with the selected and thinned paint must be applied on the final component. Depending on the kind of the shiny primer (the structure of the primer), wait for 2 min to 1 hour until the surface of the component covered by the paint relatively dries. (note: don't let the surface of the primer dry completely, because depending on the conditions of the environment of painting, this time is variable in temperature and damp).
  • In this stage, the thinned and filtered crack paint must be applied.
  • Wait until the primer and the crack paint dry at the same time and the crack pattern emerges.
  • In this stage, if desired, you can use the suitable varnish on the painted component (that has reached the final drying), depending on the application of the component.

Usable thinners

    For normal and metallic crack paints, you can use immediate high quality 10000 to 2000 thinners. (this point is more important for metallic crack paint). Care that the quality of the thinner is also very important.

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